When I was a little girl my favourite Disney princess was Snow White. Not only was it the second film I’d even seen on the magical big cinema screen but in the 80s she was the only Disney princess with black hair like me. When my movie viewing expanded I loved to dance around…
Exposing a dark obsession with violence and persistent mental health stigma
The lifeblood of both news media and social media now appears to be permanent outrage verging on hysteria. This fire is constantly looking for new fuel…
War always has some good and evil on both sides
Finding light at Christmas when life is dark
‘Don’t mention the vaccine.’ My Mum was worried that I would evoke hostility in my GP if I suggested my chronic fatigue, icy hands and feet, hormone…
We must reclaim the language of suffering for real sufferers.
We must fight the attempt to whitewash history.
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‘Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say’